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Deli Sandwich Pulled Pork
Deli Sandwich Pulled Pork
Southover Pulled Sussex Pork
Deli Sandwich Pulled PorkSouthover Pulled Sussex Pork

Pulled Pork

It doesn’t seem very long ago that this was a very niche option for a cooked meat but pulled pork as well as other meats like beef, chicken and ham are now incredibly popular. The demand for wholesale pulled pork has grown enormously over the last few years and we have a delicious traditional recipe to offer the catering industry.  Our pulled pork is hand cooked and prepared in Sussex and ready to eat or heat and perfect for caterers, commercial kitchens and for events and other uses.

Melt in the Mouth

We slow cook our pork with a range of traditional spices to give it that distinctive barbecue taste before gently pulling the meat to leave the right texture but to also allow the meat to melt in the mouth. It is so important that wholesale pulled meats are prepared by hand to get the correct texture and really deliver the flavours and feel customers want.


Versatile Option

Pulled pork is a very flexible cooked meat for any commercial kitchen or caterer. It can be heated and served in trays with rolls and salads for a BBQ style buffet but can also be used in sandwiches and even great fun mini bites for parties and events. Pulled pork also works well as a pizza topping, on jacket potatoes and even as a hot dog topping. Our catering pulled pork is ready for anything and your customers will love it!

If you have any special requirements including flavours and marinades then please get in touch. We are always developing new products and we are very happy to work with customers to deliver exactly what they need.


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