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Southover Local Pulled Pork
Southover Local Pulled Pork
Southover Pulled Beef Sussex
Southover Pulled Ham Sussex
Pulled Pork Sussex
Southover Local Pulled PorkSouthover Pulled Beef SussexSouthover Pulled Ham SussexPulled Pork Sussex

Pulled meats have become a versatile and popular way to eat most meats.

Pork, beef and chicken is slow cooked at low temperatures, allowing the meats to become tender enough that they can literally be pulled and shredded with forks, or easily broken into individual pieces off the bone.

This way of cooking results in succulent, tender and moist meat that can be served cold in sandwiches, hot on pizzas or in tortillas and with tacos, as a topping for nachos or with salads.

At SouthoverFoods we have a delicious range of pulled meats including:

Southover Pulled Beef – this tender and juicy beef shoulder is slow roasted and shredded to perfection.

Southover Pulled Cured Pork – this mouth-watering product has the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

Southover Pulled Ham Hock – this succulent, simple and delicious cut of meat is a great all-rounder which can be used in so many ways, from cold to hot recipes. It also recently bagged a 1* in the Great Taste Awards!

Southover Pulled Pork – this premium pork is cooked to perfection with our own hands, in our own kitchens to our own traditional recipe.

Southover Pulled Salt Beef – this moist brisket of beef is slow cooked with a delicate low-salt cure and seasoned to our own unique recipe.

If you are looking to create a bespoke product using our pulled meats range, we can add marinades if that’s what you’re after, check out our New Product Development page for more information. We provide sizes suitable to you including 200g, 500g and 1kg packs.

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