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Southover Cooked Local Beef
Southover Cooked Local Beef
Southover Cooked Beef Sussex
Southover Cooked Local BeefSouthover Cooked Beef Sussex

At Southover Foods we mostly use succulent, tender silverside beef that is reared to a high standard of quality and animal welfare. We also offer topside beef. We are have a great range of beef products and can work with you to create bespoke products that match your needs.

Southover Cooked Beef – this popular product is seasoned to perfection with our own recipe in our Sussex kitchens.

Southover New York Style Pastrami – our 30 year traditional recipe wins us awards for this product. Our beef is cured with spices and salts to give a hearty texture with a lasting spicy flavour.

Southover Pulled Beef – this slow roasted, tender and juicy beef with get mouths watering, shredded to perfection it’s a versatile product that’s popular with our customers

Southover Pulled Salt Beef – this product is soft and tender in texture with a slightly salty, spiced flavour.

Southover Roast Topside – this prime lean cut of beef butchered from whole and prepared by hand in our kitchens. It’s specially seasoned for a delicious taste.

The products above come in sizes that are suitable to you including 200g, 500g and 1kg packs.

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