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Southover Local Bacon
Southover Local Bacon
Southover Cooked Sussex Back Bacon
Southover Local BaconSouthover Cooked Sussex Back Bacon

Wholesale Cooked Bacon

There is no doubt that bacon is a British staple and while still an irreplaceable part of a full English breakfast it is also popular in many other dishes and meals. Caterers and chefs have been using bacon for sandwiches, breakfasts and a multitude of casseroles and pasta dishes for years and show no signs of changing. We have been supplying kitchens across the UK with wholesale cooked bacon products for many years. Our commitment to quality, consistency and great value means we remain to go to for wholesale bacon and related products.

We prepare, cured and pack our bacon in our Sussex kitchens where we maintain full control over the quality of both the meat and how it is prepared, packed and delivered. As long-standing wholesale bacon suppliers we take our bacon even more seriously than our customers.

BRC A Grade Bacon

Not only do we cured and pack our own cooked bacon, but we do it to very high standards. Our Catering cooked bacon is produced to BRC A Grade standard; this means our meat production follows some very strict guidelines to insure high safety standards.

Cooked Back Bacon – Our classic back bacon is a very popular choice for restaurants, hotels, delis and more. We have won multiple awards for it and continue to pursue quality, taste and consistency on a daily basis. We can offer our back bacon in both smoked and unsmoked packs depending on the use and the tastes of our customers. Both are popular and often kitchens will purchase both to make sure they can deliver what their customers require.

Cooked Streaky Bacon – For many streaky bacon is the most popular choice for cooking with, others prefer it as part of a cooked breakfast. We have a number of streaky bacon options for commercial customers. Because the level of cooking is often a matter of taste, we have medium cooked and crispy bacon. We also offer premium streaky bacon in 1KG packs.

All our bacon products are prepared with care and to very high standards in the heart of Sussex. For more information or to order please get in touch or download our brochure.

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