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Christmas At Southover Foods

Christmas at Southover Foods

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We’re ready for Christmas, are you?

We’re here to help make planning for the Christmas season run as smoothly as possible by providing some perfectly picked festive products.

From savoury to sweet products, meat eaters to vegans we can help cater for your businesses’ Christmas feast.

Christmas Mince Pies

This seasonal sweet pie comes with a rich pastry that is filled with a luxurious spicy and sweet mincemeat filling, with notes of orange and lemon, encased a golden melt-in-your-mouth pastry that seals the top.

Our mince pies come in packs of 20 and are available to order now.

Mince Pies

Sugar & Spice’s Vegan Mincemeat Shortbread

A tasty alternative to a mince pie, this vegan mincemeat shortbread is lightly baked in a traditional style. Each portion contains a generous filling of mincemeat with hints of orange and lemon, topped with a light crumble and demerara sugar.

This vegan mincemeat shortbread comes in 15 pre-cut portions per tray and is available to order now.

Southover Vegan Mincemeat

Southover’s Natural Turkey Crown

Southover’s Natural Turkey Crown is a festive feast that is moist in texture and lightly seasoned in taste. Perfect for people who prefer to just have the breast meat carved off the bone.

This 4-5kg natural turkey crown comes whole and vacuum packed for freshness – available to order now.

Southover’s Christmas Ham

This delicious joint of ham is cured and baked in a festive glaze of port, orange and cranberry. It’s moist, tender and packed with a sweet flavour – a crowd-pleaser that will be enjoyed by all who eat it. Southover’s Christmas Ham is prepared boneless, in ¼ and ½ sized joints and is available to order now.

Christmas Ham

If you’re interested in ordering any of the above please contact Southover Foods

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